I am a N’awlins born software engineer, professional eater, amateur cook, and outdoor enthusiast. Forced from my homeland in the great flood of 2005, I have become a transplant the Austin, Texas area.

Currently I am a software engineer on the Zend Framework team which is a PHP5 OO MVC framework. I have been using and programming in php since 1998 and in 2007 became a Zend Certified Engineer.

Having lived in New Orleans for 25ish years makes me an expert in eating great food. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make me an expert chef, just amateur and aspiring. Either way, growing up in the south has instilled a love for food and the times that come along with it.

When I am not in front of the computer – which is indeed alot of the time, I’ll be out at the creek with my dog, hiking or the occasional kayaking.

  • Ori

    Hey Ralph, your Zend_Db-Examples on github, is a real gem, albeit one I can’t fathom, yet.

    I’ve adapted the User-guide’s tutorial and currently have two Controllers connected(1 controller to 1 table) to two related tables in my db(MySQL), implementing the Table Data Gateway pattern. Any advice on how to do joins?