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May 15th, 2009 § 3 comments

On Tuesday, Josh Butts and I gave a presentation at the monthly Austin PHP Meetup titled “Software Engineering In PHP”.  Around 30 people were present and judging by the number of questions that were raised on each slide, the interest in the subject matter was fairly high.  In the end, it took around 2:15 to get through the 35 or so slides.

So where did this talk come from? Its the culmination of several ideas for talks I’ve had over the past several months, as well as parts taken from conversations with Josh – who covered the sections on the PHP Ecosystem and Software Development.  The general idea is to build one talk that speaks to several different audiences: the self-educated PHP Developer, the once Java/.Net now PHP Developer, the Developer in search of best practices, and the Developer who wants to become the Engineer, and the Developer who simply wants to know more about their language of choice.

This talk takes an “engineering first” approach to the language discussing how it fits into development world amongst the 1000′s of languages currently out there.  Each slide has several links for more extensive reading.  In fact, these slides alone could send you off into the Wikipedia black hole for days of reading.  For us, that is ultimately the goal.  Many developers do not know where to start on their path of “PHP enlightenment”, but these slides are a starting point.

These slides are very “Beta-ish” (in the Google sense).  I plan to revise it periodically with more code samples in PHP that help explain the concepts and terminologies in each slide.  For any suggestion and/or criticisms, please comment below.

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  • Bashar Al-Fallouji

    Cool presentation. I believe there is just a little mistake on slide 18.


    The attach() method doesn’t return anything (or $this), you may want to add a return $this to your attach method, so you can use method chaining.

    Take care.

    • Ralph Schindler

      Yeah, you are correct. Slides #17 is the only one I tested for executablity. The rest of these slides and code samples were not tested and are purely for demonstrating the logistics of the pattern in PHP. In the coming week’s I will clean up all the slides and code samples for completeness. As per usual, these slides were made 24 hours before they were presented ;)

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